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Tribal Libraries Program Overview

The New Mexico State Library's Tribal Libraries Program (TLP) mission is to promote and support information access in tribal communities with emphasis on current technology and tribal library development.

Begun in 1997, the Tribal Libraries Program is unique in the nation with specialized library development services to tribal communities on a statewide basis. The main administrative office is located in Santa Fe with staff in Crownpoint serving the Northwestern New Mexico Navajo area.

NM Tribal Libraries Timeline ~ History of NM Tribal Libraries, Native American Libraries Special Interest Group (NMLA), and the Tribal Libraries Program (NMSL).

Full Public Tribal Libraries and Developing Public Tribal Libraries in the State of New Mexico (updated 04-11-2022)

  1. Acoma Learning Center at the Pueblo of Acoma [Haak'u]
  2. Pueblo de Cochiti Library at Cochiti Pueblo [Ko-tyīt]
  3. Pueblo of Isleta Library at Pueblo of Isleta [Shiewhibak]
  4. Jemez Pueblo Community Library at Jemez Pueblo [Walatowa]
  5. Jicarilla Public Library in Dulce, NM [Haisndayin]
  6. Laguna Public Library at Laguna Pueblo [Ka'wai'ka]
  7. Mescalero Community Library in Mescalero, NM [Mescalero Apache Tribe]
  8. Nambé Pueblo Library at Nambé Pueblo [Nanbé Owingeh] 
  9. P'oe Tsawa Community Library at Ohkay Owingeh [Ohkay Owingeh]
  10. Pueblo of Pojoaque Public Library at Pueblo of Pojoaque [P'o-suwae-geh Owingeh]
  11. Pueblo of San Felipe Community Library at Pueblo of San Felipe [Katishtya]
  12. Pueblo de San Ildefonso Library at Pueblo of San Ildefonso [San Ildefonso]
  13. Pueblo of Sandia Learning Resource Center at Sandia Pueblo [Tuf Shur Tia]
  14. Santa Ana Pueblo Community Library at Pueblo of Santa Ana [Tamaya]
  15. Santa Clara Pueblo Community Library at Santa Clara Pueblo [Kah'p'oo Owingeh]
  16. Santo Domingo Pueblo Library at Santo Domingo Pueblo [Kewa]
  17. Taos Pueblo Library at Taos Pueblo [Taos]
  18. Taytsugeh Oweengeh Library at Tesuque Pueblo [Tet-sugeh]
  19. Torreon Community Library at Torreon/Star Lake Chapter [Navajo Nation]
  20. Zia Enrichment Library at Zia Pueblo [Tsiya]
  21. Zuni Public Library at Zuni Pueblo [Shiwina]


Cassandra E. Osterloh (Cherokee Nation)
Tribal Libraries Program Coordinator
New Mexico State Library
1209 Camino Carlos Rey
Santa Fe, NM 87507

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Jeannie Whitehorse (Diné)
New Mexico State Library
Crownpoint Outreach Center
P.O. Box 113
Crownpoint, NM 87313

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