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Featured @ NM State Library

Maps at New Mexico State Library

Topographic, highway, 3-dimensional, FIMO, historical are just some of the types of maps which can be found in the collections here at NMSL. On display right now are some of our more visually and historically interesting maps. In addition we have books that discuss the cartographic process used to illustrate the southwestern United States. Our history would not be complete without an understanding of how our landscape was physically and visually understood over time.

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   New Mexico Railroads and Beyond

The implementation of the American Railroads led to economic developments, social changes, and fierce opposition. It connected people to places only read about, forced the creation of new laws, and changed transportation forever.

From tales about the mystique of the railroads to the laws that govern their operation, the New Mexico State Library has a generous collection of resources to educate the curious mind about this influential industry. 

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