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 Apollo 11 Anniversary

 On July 20th we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. The New Mexico State Library has a small collection of NASA documents discussing the event on display. Our NASA collection is modest but robust and provides the curious mind with information about space exploration, moon landings, and extraterrestrial life.


See the U.S. Government Publishing Office website for transcripts of the astronaut's communications, photographs of the moon's surface, and more.




Dinosaurs and New Mexico


Inspired by the recent discovery of fossil footprints found in the Grand Canyon, the New Mexico State Library has on display a number of our State and Federal Government Publications highlighting discoveries made here in New Mexico.


See more on the Hitchhiker Blog - Gov Docs @ NMSL








Tips for Library Users

Ask A Librarian

Got a burning question about Zozobra? Wondering what in the world is a wikiup? Curious about Chaco Canyon? Ask a librarian! The New Mexico State Library E-mail Reference Desk responds to questions within 2 business days or less. Post your puzzles using our online form.