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Featured @ NM State Library

Constitution Day is September 17th

Every year on September 17th FDLP libraries, and the country, celebrate Constitution Day. In 1787 our founding fathers signed the U.S. Constitution thus establishing our federal government. In our collection of FDLP material we have documentary history which details how the Constitution was created, edited, and finalized. This includes transcriptions of letters written by our Fouding Fathers.

Test your knowledge of the constitution with this quiz created by the University of South Alabama:

1. How many times may someone be elected president?

2. How many Articles are there in the Constitution?

3. Which amendment was the only one to be repealed?

4. Which of the following is not a power assigned to Congress?

               a. Power to lay and collect taxes
               b. Power to coin money
               c. Power to declare war
               d. Power to raise and support armies
               e. Power to make treaties

5. What constitutes Treason, according to the Constitution?


Maps at New Mexico State Library


Topographic, highway, 3-dimensional, FIMO, historical are just some of the types of maps which can be found in the collections here at NMSL. On display right now are some of our more visually and historically interesting maps. In addition we have books that discuss the cartographic process used to illustrate the southwestern United States. Our history would not be complete without an understanding of how our landscape was physically and visually understood over time.

Check out our map liguide:






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